Pelvic Floor 101

June 24, 2019

So you came across a fun ad singing the praises of an orgasm-having, spill-proof, tighter-than-tight hoo-ha that is able to leap tall buildings and fix dinner while doing math homework with your middle schooler. You are more than a little intrigued, right? Is this something I need? I would like more sensation down there or…

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Love the vag you have!

May 23, 2019

Love what? That’s right, your vagina. That life-giving, pleasure-receiving, pleasure-giving orifice that most of us want to be felt but not seen. It’s time to turn the bright florescent lights onto our hairy, or bald, or grey, or pierced, or chubby, or flappy vajayjays and celebrate them. Actually, let’s celebrate the whole body, mind, and…

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