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G’day! Welcome to my blog. Please take a seat. Relax. Tea? Oh, I don’t seem to have tea. Coffee? Shoot, I don’t have that either. Ummm how about you just sip on whatever you have available since you are more likely reading this at home. Because, really, where else have we been the past year? Out? Out doesn’t exist anymore. Welcome to your living room, your porch, and I am sure we are all well acquainted with our kitchens by now. 

What a curveball this past year has been. When starting my own small business, I truly never thought to factor in a new plague into my business plan, but here we are. I know that I am not the only one that has suffered. Many of you out there have lost loved ones, jobs, combated their own layers of mental and physical health that COVID19 has thrust upon us. 

I just wanted to put up a new line of communication between us. To share some funny thoughts and situations with you. So, feel free to comment. To ask questions, to chat with others, but above all else be kind to one another. Good golly Miss. Molly…we all could be a little nicer these days. Here is an example of a totally realistic exchange that could happen in these comments:

User1: Wow! This blog is so great, and Melissa, your hair is so shiny!

Melissa (me): Thank you so much! I washed it for the first time in a week.

User2: That is a great reminder to wash my hair too.

User1: Did you use soap?

Melissa: I did! Conditioner too!

User1: Geeze! Is there anything you can’t do? 

Melissa: Yes, I can’t seem to write a fake scenario blog script!

User2: I love you!

Melissa: I love you too!

Okay, that is enough of that. I hope to engage with some of you in person and on here soon. Be safe, kind, and above all else don’t forget to be a badass. 

dut xoxo-07

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