To Be Or Not To Be…A Mom

This past Mother’s Day had me thinking. It had me thinking about how far society has come in accepting a woman’s choice in becoming a mother or not to become one. To choose a career over kids or just to choose to live her own life for herself and no other.  

We are living in 2021! That sounds so futuristic, does it not? How did that even happen?! I still think that 2004 was only ten years ago.  Anyway, not too long ago, becoming a mother was expected of every woman on the planet. Think of your mother’s generation or, even more so, your grandmother’s! If a woman chose not to have children, society would label them as “spinsters,” and they were looked down upon as unstable or even *sarcastic gasp* A LESBIAN! 

A woman had a few primary purposes in life: to serve her partner, keep house, and raise children. This itinerary was ingrained into us as children and highly encouraged to the point of being labeled as pressured in young adulthood.

 As many of you know, I have three of my own, and I love them more than anything. My children bring joy (and, let’s be honest, some frustration) to my life every single day. I had not known true and unconditional love until they were born, but that is me. That is my life, which I have chosen, and I have the utmost respect for my fellow females who decide not to take that same journey. 

While the stigma is still relevant and very much alive, it has become rarer for a female to become an outcast for how she lives, and I love that! Get that dog that you want to spoil! Go on those adult-only resort vacations! Sleep in! Do all the things you want to do without thinking that they are not enough because you have chosen a life without children! I support you, my fellow woman! Be who you want to be! 

dut xoxo-07

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