Love the vag you have!

Love what? That’s right, your vagina. That life-giving, pleasure-receiving, pleasure-giving orifice that most of us want to be felt but not seen. It’s time to turn the bright florescent lights onto our hairy, or bald, or grey, or pierced, or chubby, or flappy vajayjays and celebrate them. Actually, let’s celebrate the whole body, mind, and spirit that surrounds our glorious hoo-has.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert after seeing thousands of vaginas each year. Gynecologist? Nope! Delivery room nurse? Nope! Porn set designer? Nope! I’m just your everyday pube wrangling Vagician. Or as I like to be referred — Vagina Boss! Ok but really… I own a specialty waxing business and spend my days chatting with friends and sharing wisdom in the cozy and slightly painful confines of an 8×12 room. They enter as terrified, hairy strangers and leave as smooth, confident friends.

There is something about coming from the Land Downunder and working on someones “downunder” that opens not only the legs but a safe space to talk and be heard. Maybe it’s the accent that distracts and mesmerizes or the lifetime of wisdom earned — through moving continents numerous times, three children,  divorce, tough times, and making it through with a smile on my face and the openness to share — which gives people the space to share their own struggles, insecurities, and joy.

Creating Downunder There and the Downunder Trainer was a dream birthed in my Downunder Waxing room as a way to help women beyond their waxing needs and move to a solution for their leaking, orgasm lacking, tired, sad, dry vag needs. How could I really take on the title Vagina Boss if all of these needs remain unmet?

Meeting all these needs was not for the shy or faint of heart, of which I am neither. I eagerly got to work product testing, and testing, and testing to develop a tried-and-true pelvic floor trainer that could take the title “The Original” Downunder Trainer.

Improving and loving yourself in one area of your life naturally spills over to confidence in other areas. Your partner feels he is causing the multiple orgasms…winning! The stress release and euphoria from having more orgasms…winning! The savings from incontinence pads and panty liners…winning! The vacation planned from the money saved..winning!

Maybe the growing community of Vaginistas can meet at an all-inclusive resort to celebrate life, love and our strength as women. Until the tickets are booked ladies…pull on your leg warmers, grab the lube, and get to training.

dut xoxo-07

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